The Defendroid, project retrospective

This is my favorite project by far. I started with it during my gap year, when my programming skills were still limited. I worked hard on it. I learned a lot and gained much experience. I was frustrating at some times but in the end I’m happy with the product.

The game is made with C# and Unity. This project introduced me to object orientated programming and much more programming subjects. The end product is rather polished.

The Defendroid is an innovative and fun game. It breaks away from blocky gameplay and creates a curved and smooth playfield.

As “The Defendroid” you protect the earth from menacing balls and you break through an alien forcefield!

No complicated controls: just tilt your phone left or right, easy as that! Challenge yourself in Endless Mode, collect as many coins as you can, pickup good power-ups and dodge bad power-ups! It is available in the Google Play Store and used to be available on the App Store.

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